• First time sex questions and answers

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    First time sex questions and answers

    Take loads of time, be fully aroused and wet, and it will be smoother and more enjoyable. This one is totally up to you. Foreplay can include so many different things: It's not a lot of a blood, and it's not something to freak out over. Everyone was a virgin at one point! That's totally normal too! You can try different positions, or just try a lot of foreplay. And know that if it's not working once, that doesn't mean it will never work - just try again! I get how this can be uncomfortable, especially if you guys haven't really discussed it before.

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    First time sex questions and answers

    First time sex questions and answers

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    First time sex questions and answers

    First time sex questions and answers

    First time sex questions and answers

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    First time sex questions and answers

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    First time sex questions and answers

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    1. Sajas says:

      Here's what you can do:

    2. Meztigis says:

      Your best bet is to just be honest and straightforward. Sometimes it just takes some practice to figure out what you like and what you want.

    3. Dusho says:

      Don't let society, religion, or others make you feel like you're doing something wrong. This is a pretty crappy feeling that a lot of women can relate to.

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