• Growing up with same sex parents

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    Growing up with same sex parents

    Adult attachment style dimensions in women with gay or bisexual fathers. Archives of Psychiatric Nursing The study was based on a large, nationally representative, and random survey of school-age children. British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research 6: A study Sirota of 68 women with gay or bisexual fathers and 68 women with heterosexual fathers found a statistically significant difference between the two groups. A study of primary school children in Australia Sarantakos compared the social and educational development of 58 children living in married families, 58 living with cohabiting heterosexuals, and 58 living in homosexual unions.

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    Growing up with same sex parents

    Growing up with same sex parents

    Growing up with same sex parents

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    Growing up with same sex parents

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      Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry They are also better than fathers at detecting their children's emotions by looking at their faces, postures, and gestures.

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      Psychological adjustment of year-old adolescents. Review of Economics of the Household

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      And my personal circumstances changed. Psychological adjustment of year-old adolescents.

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