• Introduction to premarital sex in the philippines

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    Introduction to premarital sex in the philippines

    As a predominantly Christian country, the Philippines considers sex between married couples as morally and legally acceptable. Adolescent sex education should first and foremost strongly advocate abstinence, while at the same time providing comprehensive and informed knowledge on reproductive health, condom and contraception use, and the negative consequences of risk behavior e. Only the factors found to be significant in the correlation analyses were included in the subsequent regression equations. And part of that sacrifice is to live a chaste life now. Furthermore, she expound that teenage pregnancy is widespread in the Philippines, especially amongst the poor in Manila. Some teens are in favor of this practice; rituals are overrated and following the rules of marriage as a sacrament had been considered as old fashion. Research Design This study used the case study descriptive Research Method to find out the perception of a teenager who had done premarital sex. Did you regret your actions?

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    Introduction to premarital sex in the philippines

    Introduction to premarital sex in the philippines

    Introduction to premarital sex in the philippines

    Introduction to premarital sex in the philippines

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    Introduction to premarital sex in the philippines

    Introduction to premarital sex in the philippines

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      First, the data are based on self-report of the respondents and the use of questionnaire may only have evaluated their sexual attitudes and behaviors without further exploration of the motivations and influences behind the attitudes and behaviors. The same goes for those who can not be monogamous.

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      The challenge is to balance the demands of the social mores and the reality.

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      That's a word we don't hear much these days, so what does it mean?

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