• Is bipolar disorder sex linked

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    Is bipolar disorder sex linked

    Synopsis of Psychiatry, sixth edition. A transgenic "manic-depressive" mouse would be an invaluable model for study of disease mechanisms. This linkage has been replicated recently by British investigators who found evidence for linkage to both chromosome 21 and the chromosome 11 region originally reported in the study of the Amish Gurling and others. Subsequent experience seemed to defy this expectation. Soon, it will be very exciting to see some of these loci move to the next stage of the process, physical mapping. These results are consistent with those from linkage analysis with markers on the long arm of the X chromosome. They may be a complex combination of genes of large effect and small effect, as well as autosomal dominant, recessive and X-linked transmission. The role of genes is indicated by a higher concordance rate among MZ twins, who share all their genes, compared to DZ twins.

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    Is bipolar disorder sex linked

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    Is bipolar disorder sex linked

    Is bipolar disorder sex linked

    Is bipolar disorder sex linked

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    Is bipolar disorder sex linked

    Is bipolar disorder sex linked

    Is bipolar disorder sex linked

    Is bipolar disorder sex linked

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      This generally occurs in women who are biologically inclined to developing it in the first place.

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      For those loci already replicated, further work needs to be done to both more securely confirm the result, and to more finely map the implicated chromosomal region.

    3. Faurg says:

      In their replication of the chromosome 18 linkage, Stine and others found the strongest evidence of linkage in families in which illness was transmitted through the fathers rather than the mothers.

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