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    Mother son father daughter family sex

    Barriers and facilitators to maternal communication with preadolescents about age-relevant sexual topics. Other outcome expectations did not differ between sons and daughters. However, the relatively low levels of communication by fathers found in this study suggest that fathers need additional support to talk to their children about sex. To our knowledge, gender differences in these factors have not been investigated previously in a systematic manner. Acknowledgements This study was funded by the U.

    Mother son father daughter family sex

    Mother son father daughter family sex

    Mother son father daughter family sex

    Mother son father daughter family sex

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    Mother son father daughter family sex

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    Mother son father daughter family sex

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    Mother son father daughter family sex

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    Mother son father daughter family sex

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      HK advised on the conceptualization of the study, analysis of the data, and presentation of the results. Shiying Wu provided statistical guidance, and Marianne Kluckman did the programming to run the analyses.

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      Parents of daughters both mothers and fathers are more disapproving of their children having sex than parents of sons, and they believe the consequences of sexual activity are more harmful for daughters.

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      We found that mothers differ from fathers on a wide range of factors that would tend to make it easier for them to talk with their children about sex, and these differences tended to be more pronounced with daughters than with sons. Discussion Parent-child communication about sex differs markedly by the sex of the parent and the sex of the child.

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      Patterns of sexuality communication between preadolescents and their mothers and fathers.

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