• Personal space based upon sex

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    Personal space based upon sex

    This is done to protect and keep reasonable boundaries between their space and that of others; this is done with the primary goal of maintaining privacy. July 13, ; Accepted Date: In these cases the lack of personal space is usually expected as well as desired. When we anticipate meeting a warm and friendly person we tend to choose smaller distances [ 5 ]. Study population The population from which this study was carried out consists of full-time undergraduate students of the University of Lagos.

    Personal space based upon sex

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    Personal space based upon sex

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    Personal space based upon sex

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    Personal space based upon sex

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    Personal space based upon sex

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      One of the major factors that determine anxiety is the maintenance of a respectable and convenient personal space. For example, one who is accustomed to busy city life, especially riding on crowded subways, is more tolerant of others impeding on their personal space than someone who may live in a more rural area.

    2. Fegore says:

      Explanations were made to guide the respondents in providing answer to each item.

    3. Zululkis says:

      The university has full-time undergraduate student strength of over 25, individuals.

    4. Mekazahn says:

      The study employed a descriptive survey research design.

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      Using the stratified sampling the university was stratified into ten 15 stratas along faculties as follows: In the same manner, different individuals have different anxiety levels which in turn could influence their demand or need for personal space.

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