• Sex post inguinal hernia surgery

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    Sex post inguinal hernia surgery

    Inguinal hernia operations are the most common surgery for hernias. Notes Cite this article as: Recovery of sexual function after scrotal hernia repair. You do not have to have them on when you come for your postoperative visit. Quality of life assessment in patients with inguinal hernia.

    Sex post inguinal hernia surgery

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    Sex post inguinal hernia surgery

    Sex post inguinal hernia surgery

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    Sex post inguinal hernia surgery

    Sex post inguinal hernia surgery

    Sex post inguinal hernia surgery

    Sex post inguinal hernia surgery

    Sex post inguinal hernia surgery

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      When patients were asked about the reason of the recovery in sexual functions in the postoperative sixth month, Operative trauma can lead to tissue or nerve injury ilioinguinal, iliohypogastric nerves or ramus genitalis of genitofemoral nerve leading to hypoesthesia or other neurological symptoms.

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      Discussion Sexual dysfunction is a complication of inguinal hernia, especially chronic and scrotal ones, which is usually temporary and can be improved following hernioplasty.

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      We recommend taking Milk of Magnesia 2 tablespoons; twice a day while taking the pain pills to avoid constipation.

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