• Vaginal tearing during sex due to nuvarng

    by · 15.01.2018

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    Vaginal tearing during sex due to nuvarng

    But since you don't mention moving recently, it sounds like the nuvaring is more likely to be the culprit. And we have started taking the ring out when we have sex, which does help but not nearly enough to matter. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with a yeast infection and bacterial vaginosis, both of which could have been causing the pain. About two months ago, sex started getting painful. You could also try changing your lube type, and since this is a recent development - try to track down any recent changes in household chemicals that could be coming in contact with your nether regions. I've had fewer since I switched to Liquid Silk which also has the advantage of never getting sticky and having virtually no taste.

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    Vaginal tearing during sex due to nuvarng

    Vaginal tearing during sex due to nuvarng

    Vaginal tearing during sex due to nuvarng

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    Vaginal tearing during sex due to nuvarng

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    Vaginal tearing during sex due to nuvarng

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    1. Nehn says:

      Not the most helpful of diagnoses, since there's no clear idea about the cause, and no perfect treatment either.

    2. Zulkile says:

      The pills are cheap and taking a few every day seems to be keeping any irritation from the urinary system away, which makes things in the nether regions that much more comfortable.

    3. Daikus says:

      I was treated for both and told to not have sex for the next two weeks and come back for a check-up. She told me to use that refresh stuff, and it felt could at the time, but the sex was as burning painful as ever.

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